GraphQL is Cool

GraphQL is Cool

June 04, 2018

What is GraphQL

GraphQL was invented at Facebook to help product engineers pull needed data into React components. GraphQL is a query language hence the QL in the name, if you're familiar with SQL, it works in a very similar way. Using special syntax you can describe the data you want in your component in a very expressive way

Why is it so cool?

  • Eliminate frontend data boilerplate — no need to worry about requesting & waiting for data. Just ask for the data you need with a GraphQL query and it’ll show up when you need it
  • Push frontend complexity into queries — many data transformations can be done at build-time within your GraphQL queries
  • It’s the perfect data querying language for the often complex/nested data dependencies of modern applications
  • Improve performance by removing data bloat — GraphQL is a big part of why Gatsby is so fast as it enables lazy-loading the exact data in the exact form each view needs